Hearing well and being well

A huge compliment to the organizers of this conference! And all the speakers had such an Inspiring lecture! Thank you for that!

As I am now laying at my bed, almost midnight. Just had a glimpse out of the window. From the 37th floor an amazing view over Frankfurt. Seeing all these lights, this skyline, the world, all those people. Living together.

Communication is the most important element that makes all this work!

Hearing each other, listening to stories that have to be told, and the moment one really takes some time to sit down and have a real conversation.

Make it even possible to change this world. Even to make the impossible possible. Cause what I see, is that the knowledge is all there.

Miracles can be possible, if only…

At my ears now playing; KC LIGHTS, featuring Nicole Dash Jones, titel: Change the world.

Amazing listening to this music, all the instruments I can hear, I love to listen to this combinations of strings and voices, drums, hearing all this together and that one can choose in the brain to focus on one instrument, that already is such a miracle, but what to think of this device, here in my hand, my phone, these headphones with Bluetooth connection, Spotify, that gives me access to all the music I want to listen to, I can just with one click on the phone start music on my headphones…

Just imagine! All the people who have made this work! From the artist who composed this music to the dream once Steve Jobs had and made in possible…

How many meetings, discussions, chats with colleagues have there been before all this was real?

And still there is so much we still have to reveal.

Hearing well, being well.