A new acoustic experiment in contemporary art

Art meets Science, Audiology meets Art!

A new acoustic experiment in contemporary art.

Dyon Scheijen is a medical physicist in audiology, specialized in tinnitus and hyperacusis, works at the Audiological Center Adelante (the Netherlands).

Started his other career as a professional artist (abstract impressionalism) in 2012. 

Did a summer course in art at the San Diego Art Institute, California in 2013. Since 2014 he is the owner of the Art Gallery, Dyon Scheijen Art.

In 2016 together with aixFOAM Germany Dyon Scheijen developed a new acoustic experiment to use acoustic elements instead of canvasses. In his work in Audiology he sees a lot of patients complaing of serious acoustic problems in modern designed environments. Especially older people moving to big modern appartments, having no curtains nor carpets, only lots of glass and hard materials. Looks very modern, but with dramatic acoustic characteristics for speech perception. So then as an artist using this huge canvasses, Scheijen came up with this amazing idea to use these acoustic elements they use in acoustic chambers. And the results are extraordinairy, in acoustic as well as in Art.

New artworks will folow soon.



An artist is no Artist without an audience. Art need to be shared, only then art is Art.

The first acoustic elements Scheijen painted as a huge diptych:

DS16004 DS16005 200 X 200 cm 78,74″ X 78,74″ Acrylics on acoustic material

Exhibited in public at the Excellent Maastricht 2016


Now this diptych is exhibited in a fancy restaurant to improve the acoustic characteristics. 


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