Nature is Art. Art is Nature.

Today I have painted two large paintings. And as I was painting them it looked to me as if I was looking down from out of space on earth or another planet.

Nature is just Art. And as I look at my Art it is just like Nature.
Today NASA did it! Cassini is now sending pictures from Saturn and its Rings.

But as I was looking for some information about Saturn, I came up on this video:

Now, just watch this video and then imagine that we are the only living creatures in this whole space, in the whole universe!

They think that the chances there are more living creatures are huge, but till now it seems that we are the only one.

Now, just imagine that we are the only one. Here earth is the only place were life like we have is possible!

This thin layer, we call atmosphere, is such a fragile space, we can live.

When we look from out of space, is it so stupid, to see these ego’s trying to build walls and borders. Ego’s like Trump, Putin, Erdogan, and many others of these men, only have faith in weapons and bombs.

Military people programmed to kill. People who are not thinking about this gift we have.

The knowledge, the equipments, everything is there to make this world, to make this universe paradise.

We can travel in space, everything we can dream of is possible. We have all proven that!

Things you never could think of that it would be possible is now possible. Even in one lifetime we can see it happen. What does God show us more to see this?!

God is not a man or an imaginary person looking down on us. God is the power we have. It is a gift. We as a human race we can think ourself. We have the freedom to do what we like. But we have to be aware of this gift to make miracles happen, it is up to us. We have to do it.

So, there we have it. Working together. Different cultures. Giving different opportunities.

International collaboration makes spacetravel possible. Scienstist from all over the world make it possible.

Maybe Art can change the human thinking. There has to be a way to bring peace on earth. And from thereon we can make our dreams come true!

DS17007 150 cm X 180 cm DS17008 140 cm X 180 cm

Acrylics on canvas

© 2017 Dyon Scheijen Art


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