A little boy on the beach

One year ago. We all still have that picture in our mind, that little boy, with his red and blue clothes, laying with his face down on the beach, death…Aylan is his name. That he may rest in peace.

This is what I had to say at that time:

I have to say a few words…

A little boy lying on the beach…

From now on most of us have to think about Aylan, a three-year old boy, lying there, at the beach, his face down in the water…dead…

that he may rest in peace…

How many signs does our human race need to notice that we ourselves have the power to make this world hell or paradise?!

It is not OUR country, OUR religion, OUR land anymore!
How can people still fight for something which has happened or planned hundreds of years ago?! These lines of borders are only on paper!
Human rights have to be stronger than borders on paper or law written years ago. Time has changed!

Social media has the power to save this world. Look at what it did with arrogant people who think they can shoot the most beautiful animals for fun.
We have the POWER to make this world a place where every individual can live in paradise. Every individual!!
In some way we have the skills to do so, but it seems as if it is a kind of a challenge; Is the human race capable enough to make the best out of this?
I think that even FB makes now part of this whole challenge. The power is in it to change this world!
To make it a better place!

And I am sure that in all religions the basic elements are all the same! I think that people thousands of years ago have tried to discribed the way how life can be a miracle.

For me it does not matter what name we use, God, Allah, me myself, I even do not use any name, I do have respect for something which is bigger than us as a human being, this is so big no words can discribe it, but…we had to give a name…so we named it God or Allah. What I know for sure is, that this Allah, God, gives us a chance to make miracles happen! I belief in the power of Belief, but we have to do it ourselves!
It is not that a person from above is looking at us and watches us how we do it. Something bigger than us, than the whole world, gives us a chance to do good. This power is in everyone!! But one has the choice to use it!

If we really have our eyes open, miracles discribed as in the Bible or Koran even happen today. But we have to see it and we ourselves have to do it, we as a human.
And we as a human race have to stop wars where it is about land, belief, religion, gender, wars about if we use the name God or Allah, we are here together on this planet, and God, Allah or you name it, is everywhere in every person, flower, animal, cloud…for example take a glass of water and just have a look at it! Really if you just look at it, it’s amazing!
It’s clearance and the structure of it..something which is so common for us, if you think about how difficult it is to get a clean glass of water in wartime, then you maybe can see the beauty of it.
The power of water is amazing, when you have an injury you can clean it with water. But we are so used to it, we even can not see this power anymore. We just take it for granted!

The reversed boiling frog experiment?!

We nowadays have the knowledge to make clean water. To bring it back how it once was, as in paradise.
And I can tell you this, the knowledge is there, to make this whole world a paradise! We as a human we develop we explore, everything is already there. It dependance on us how quick do we get to that point to have the skills to do it?!
We can cure cancer, I have a strong belief in that, but then we have to have more people who do good research, not for money. But really to find a cure!

And still God, Allah, this power to do something good or to do something miraculous, is always with us, everything to do better is there, but WE have to do it ourselves! Together!

And today even it is more clear to me! The moment I saw The New Horizons taking pictures of Pluto. A day later we could see those pictures on our phone!!! That is already amazing!!! Out of physics this is a real miracle!!!
But it takes a long time for us to get there. It still is not possible for us to go further away than our own solarsystem! So still a long way to go! In distance and in knowledge!
In a few thousands of years the sun will collapse, the earth is then taken by the fire of the sun. That is astrophysics, that is what we know already. If we want to survive as a human race, we do have to stop thinking about money and land! We have to go and work together! And especially in Education and knowledge we have to invest.
I hope that the gifts we have; to think and make decisions and the knowledge to go beyond new horizons, we as a human race maybe can save this planet in all it’s beauty, art and culture…and that for every individual person, child or adult, this place can be paradise!
And that a little boy on the beach, in our imagination is just a boy playing at the beach and having fun!