House of Cards

House of Cards is peanuts in comparison with Trump’s way of being president. Media is the power to get things changed.

We do not know how powerful social media is! Trump does! He uses his own personal twitter account to rule the world. We all let it just go on and on, watch it and do nothing about it.

I am sure that if the majority of the people would unit and that facts of what is really going on here would be shared and hit the world, then Trump would loose his power.
And this kind of research done here in this documentary by Zembla could be used to change this. If enough people see this, and facts shown here are proven more and more, even Trump can not stand this.

We still have a democracy, but slowly it is changing into a one man’s world politics. An ego, where one can ask if he is sane enough to be at the most important job in this world…president of the united states?

part one and part two

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